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Sometimes, you don't know who's a loyal friend until you go through a rough patch. X

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Some people are made of sterner stuff than others.

Loyalty and integrity are two qualities that are hard to detect upon first impression, or even after years of knowing someone. This is why we are always stunned when someone whom we think is loyal does something to betray our trust in them. It’s heartbreaking when people whom we think are strong turns out to be the first to bail when the going gets tough.

What’s incredibly true, is that we only see a person’s true strength during the difficult times. It is only during the challenging times that we either bend or break, and sometimes we don’t know who belongs in the former category and who the latter even if we’ve had years of friendship or bond with them.

We always gravitate towards people who are nice and easy to get along with; and we usually have an apprehension or disinclination towards people who challenge us, question us or people whom we think are less warm or friendly towards us.

But we may be surprise at how it could be the people whom we like more who will run at the sight of trouble, and it could be the people whom we did not think were loyal who will step up.

What this teaches us is that we shouldn’t dislike or judge someone just because they challenge our ideas, or that we don’t have as much of a natural chemistry with them.

Because whether or not someone has loyalty and integrity is very much dependent upon a person’s upbringing, their emotional maturity, strength of mind and personal values, and these are all things that we cannot see or detect on the surface.

Sometimes, it is only when someone has disappointed us that we are unexpectedly inspired by those who support us. And everyone who comes into lives shows us and teaches us something about ourselves. If someone has ever disappointed you, take comfort in that, and let go of the anger to be happy, always.


Xandria Ooi, Happiness Vlog

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