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Is the law of attraction logic, or is it blind faith?

Some of us find it hard to believe in magic, faith or anything that has to do with the universe giving us what we want. Because honestly, if we want a pot of gold badly, it’s not going to manifest, is it?

So let’s have a look at logic. And that’s linked to a power that we can all understand, the power of the mind.

Think of what usually happens when you’re running late. Have you noticed how everything seems to be working against you when you’re late? It’s like every traffic light will be red, and accidents seem to happen everywhere, blocking your way. It’s not normally like that, but it just so happens to always be like that when you’re pressed for time.

Or is it that it is normally like that, but you just happen to notice it on the day you’re late?

Because when we look at the logic of it, we clearly know that the universe isn’t manipulating the lights and traffic on the road to cause us grief. We don’t think so highly of ourselves to believe that the universe will take so much effort to meddle in our lives.

Which means that it is our mind that pays attention to certain things, and it just so happens that when we’re late, we’re rushing and we keep staring at the clock and stressing about it. And that’s when we naturally notice every single negative thing, not because it’s negative in nature but because we’re paying attention to the things that stresses us out.

In a single day, things occur around us like they always do and whether we think we’re a lucky or an unlucky person is incredibly dependent upon what our mind chooses to focus on.

For example, you can be walking along the street and completely miss a 50 dollar note lying on the floor, and someone else could be walking and they’d notice and celebrate even the 1 dollar they found lying there.

And this isn’t because one person has better eyesight than the other, it’s because one is more present and observant of the positive.

We attract more of what we pay attention to because the universe is merely revealing to us what our mind chooses to see.

If our perspective is such that nothing is impossible, then we’ll keep seeing the things that are helping us achieve our goals, instead of seeing all the obstacles.. They’re both there, it’s just what we focus on. So choose to pay attention to positivity and gratitude each day, that’s the law of attraction. Be happy, always.

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