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Being spiritual isn't an achievement, it's a way of life. Watch this XO

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Spiritual growth. What does that mean?

We can be so entrenched in our journey of spiritual growth that we can be completely obliviousto how we’re not actually growing as a person.

It’s always such a wonderful thing when we want to be more spiritual, but knowing the terminologies and having read books and even studying with gurus doesn’t mean we’re becoming a better person. At best, it gives us incredible knowledge. At worst, it makes us incredibly arrogant.

If we’re not aware of it, the pursuit of spirituality can become more important to how we actually are as a person. We can become upset and sensitive and easily offended when people disagree with our doctrine, and this reaction is the opposite of spiritual growth.

We grow as a person when we’re able to truly listen to people’s thoughts without judgement and with kindness. Being kind to people you dislike or disagree with is one of the hardest thing to do, but perhaps that’s what enlightenment means. When we’re able to truly be absent of ego, with no points to prove, no arguments to make and free to help, serve and contribute.

In our journey of spirituality, we can get so caught up in progress, in praise for what we’ve achieved, that we become selfish. We can be oblivious of our behaviour towards others. It is true that everyone is responsible for their own happiness, so technically, we can say and do whatever we want to them and it’s their choice to feel hurt. But in the real world, it is our responsibility to practice respect, consideration, kindness and understanding, so we do have a role to play in how our actions affect others.

We can feel so empowered by our knowledge of spirituality that we’ve placed ourselves in the centre of the universe without realising it. Instead of it becoming less about us, it becomes more about us. Instead of being a more accepting and peaceful person, we’ve become more fussy, more judgemental, and more impatient, where everyone has to adjust to us.

Live well, give more and really love. Whether we’re spiritual or not, that’s one of the best ways to live a good life, and be happy, always.


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