What The Cast Of The Lost Boys Looks Like Today

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Packed with a cast of young '80s stars, Joel Schumacher's The Lost Boys all but founded the idea that vampires could be sexy. While not without its fair share of cheese, The Lost Boys has aged pretty well — but what about the cast? While stars Cory Haim, Edward Hermann, Brooke McCarter, and Bernard Hughes have sadly passed away since its release, Lost Boys boasts a huge cast to catch up with. Here's what The Lost Boys stars have been up to over the past few decades…

Kiefer Sutherland | 0:29
Corey Feldman | 1:10
Jason Patric | 2:07
Dianne Wiest | 3:12
Jami Gertz | 3:58
Jamison Newlander | 4:33
Billy Wirth | 5:08
Alex Winter | 5:28

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