What The Cast Of Vikings Looks Like In Real Life

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Strip away all the fierce makeup, battle-coiffed hairstyles, and intricate tattoos, and the Norse warriors on Vikings are just like the rest of us...if we were all muscular and ridiculously good looking, anyway. Sure, their characters look like they'd fit right into the Viking Age of history, but here's what these 21st-century actors look like in real life…

Travis Fimmel | 0:19
Katheryn Winnick | 0:50
Alexander Ludwig | 1:24
Clive Standen | 2:02
Gustaf Skarsgård | 2:30
Alyssa Sutherland | 3:19
Maude Hirst | 3:47
Linus Roache | 4:21
Moe Dunford | 4:42
Jennie Jacques | 5:10
Alex Andersen | 5:44
John Kavanagh | 6:07

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