What The Walking Dead Cast Looks Like In Real Life

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Making it through the zombie apocalypse means putting your survival instincts to the test—and putting your weekly manicure on hold until things blow over. But while these survivors on The Walking Dead look like they haven't seen a hot shower in a while, the actors playing them are doing just fine in the personal hygiene department. Stick with us while we check out what the cast of AMC's The Walking Dead looks like in real life...

Andrew Lincoln | 0:33
Norman Reedus | 1:15
Chandler Riggs | 1:52
Danai Gurira | 2:27
Steven Yeun | 3:05
Melissa McBride | 3:25
Lauren Cohan | 3:53
Lennie James | 4:26
Jeffrey Dean Morgan | 5:03
Josh McDermitt | 5:44
Khary Payton | 6:25
Christian Serratos | 6:52
Michael Cudlitz | 7:22
Austin Amelio | 7:57
Sonequa Martin Green | 8:24
David Morrissey | 9:07
Seth Gilliam | 9:42
Pollyanna McIntosh | 10:16

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