What To Do When It’s Hard To Let Go (Overcoming Challenges)

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Sometimes, it’s hard to let go. This is what we can do instead XO

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When letting go is hard, we can instead just put it down.

When we’re emotionally overwhelmed, or when we’re feeling troubled, sad or upset, we are often unable to find solutions to our problems.

Logically, we know that we should be able to move past our anger and our hurt, but we simply do not have the strength and capacity for it right now. And that’s nothing wrong with that - we’re just being human.

Being a wise and strong person doesn’t mean being perfect. Wisdom actually has a lot more to do with recognising when we are not capable of overcoming our challenges, and being okay with that.

Nobody likes to feel like they’re weak, yet nobody is strong all the time. Of course it brings us peace when we can let go of what weighs us down, but often peace can also be found in the choice of simply putting down that weight temporarily.

Putting down is not the same as holding on. We hold on to something that brings us suffering when we genuinely do not even recognise that we are suffering.

Putting down something is when we can recognise that our behaviour and our actions are not healthy for us, but we just don’t know how to proceed or what to do about it.

Often, we just need time. Clarity isn’t something that comes to us just because we want it. We are always clearer with how to move forward when we’re not physically or mentally tired, stressed out or frustrated.

Wisdom is not about knowing how to solve everything instantaneously, it’s about being aware of when to put down a burden that’s too heavy for us to carry at that moment.

Like knowing when to not pursue that conversation,

not forcing the issue, and not be driven to fix something immediately, because to do that would be indulging our need for validation and satisfaction, and it would just make things worse.

It’s okay to put things down temporarily and come back to it when we’re more able to address it in a way that’s genuinely the best for us and our goals, for us to be happy, always.

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