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When you're too tired to smile... this is why you should smile even wider. X

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I’m tired. I can’t smile at you right now, I’m too tired.

I’m tired. I can’t talk or walk with any energy right now, I’m too tired.

I’m tired. I can’t be bothered to dress up or style my hair. I’m too tired.

It is WHEN we are tired, that we have to make more effort to smile, more effort to talk and walk with purpose and energy. It is when we cannot be bothered that we should bother with our appearance. There is no more special occasion to put on a smile or your favourite outfit, than on the day when you wake up feeling tired, or down.

It is precisely when we feel our worst that we use all the arsenals in our toolbox to bring ourselves up. Because we’re already starting the day on a low, we’re at this level. If we’re not going to smile, or walk like we’re about to collapse, or look like we’ve just rolled out of bed… we will not maintain at this level, because our day is also affected by the people we see. If we’re scowling at people, they’ll probably scowl back. So our bad day, is going to get worse.

We don’t smile or look good for other people, we do it for ourselves. Not only are we making ourselves feel better, we’re giving reasons for other people lend us their positivity and energy.

If we smile at people, and are pleasant, chances are we’ll be getting good vibes all day long.

But if we don’t help ourselves first, who is going to help us?

Sometimes, we’re not even aware that we’re making ourselves feel worse, because all we can focus on is I’m so tired, I can’t wait for the day to end. Our day is going to end regardless of whether we’re tired or not, so in the meantime, why would we not make sure our day ends on a better note?

There are always going to be ups and downs in life, and a good day isn't dependent upon when we wake up naturally happy… it’s dependent upon what we do. So smile on a good day, smile even wider when on a not-so-good day, and that’s us helping ourselves be happy, always!

Xandria Ooi, Happiness Vlog
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