What You Probably Didn't Know About The Justice League Movie

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Long before there was a DC film universe, Warner Bros. executives dreamed of a Justice League movie. In fact, plans to bring the original super friends together for a live-action outing in theaters have been in various stages of development for more than a decade—and the project has taken far more than its share of twists and turns along the way. From a derailed production to problematic facial hair, here's the untold story of Justice League…

Summon the League | 0:22
Almost Affleck | 0:55
Enter: Joss Whedon | 1:32
Over budget | 2:01
The million-dollar mustache | 2:22
Funny on purpose | 2:47
April Fools | 3:17
There can be only one | 3:40
The end of Batfleck? | 4:05

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