Whatever happened to the cast of The A-Team?

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Before the 2010 reboot film, there was the original A-Team television series. From 1983 to 1987, the NBC show graced American screens with guns-a-blazing action and a cast of characters fans instantly fell in love with. Roll it all together and toss in some memorable catchphrases, and it's no wonder The A-Team saw stellar ratings and gained a cult following. But whatever happened to the cast that made the show shine so brightly? Let's get reacquainted with these '80s acting icons and see what they're up to now…

George Peppard | 0:29
Dwight Schultz | 1:06
Mr. T | 1:36
Dirk Benedict | 2:19
Lance LeGault | 2:53
Robert Vaughn | 3:28

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