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Do you have anxiety and feel stressed?

Do you feel trapped by your work, or even your family?

When we think of freedom, we think of so many things that limit us in this lifetime. We’re not free because of our jobs, our debts, our stress and our worries. Yet when you really think about it, these are all limitations we’ve placed upon ourselves.

We can always defend this by saying we have no choice, but that is precisely the reason why we’re not free, because the moment we don’t see the multitude of choices we have as a human being, we’ve trapped ourselves. We’ve become a prisoner of our own mind.

The thing is, for some strange reason, we’ve come to think that stress, worries and frustrations are a normal part of life. If we want a successful life, that’s what we have to put up with.

But that’s not normal. Why are we working so hard? Who are we trying to please? Who are we serving?

For many of us, the answer is Happiness. Peace. Time. Freedom.

But these aren’t goals that we’ll eventually achieve someday. Somehow, we’re wired to think that when we’ve worked hard enough, when we’ve made enough money, when our children are grown up, when people think we’re awesome… happiness, peace, time, and freedom will be ours.

That’s why we accept stress and worries as part of the ‘process’.

That’s why we think it’s okay to go to work miserable, because we’re doing it for our future. We think it’s okay to come home from work tired and in a bad mood, or be impatient or have no time for our loved ones, because we’re working for their better future.

This isn’t even a conscious thought, but if we just look at the patterns of how we’re living our life, we’ll find it to be true.

Happiness, peace, time and freedom are not things we wait to enjoy when we’re old and retired. That’s not true. These are the reasons why we’re alive. The time is now, to be happy, always.

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