What's the role of multinational companies in fuelling conflicts? | Inside Story

Lafarge is facing one of the most serious accusations laid against a French company over its actions in Syria.
The Paris court of appeal had dismissed a crimes against humanity charge against the cement giant in 2019.
but that ruling has just been overtuned by France's top court.
Lafarge was accused of paying millions of dollars to fighters including ISIL to keep its factory open.
The company eventually left Syria in 2014 after ISIL seized its plant northeast of Aleppo.
It has admitted some mistakes but denies the allegations against it.
The Court of Cassation's decision does not mean the company will automatically face trial.
But It's referred the matter back to investigating magistrates to reconsider the complicity charge.

So, could international corporations be held accountable?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra.

Nacira Guenif, Sociologist and Professor at University of Paris 8

Cannelle Lavite, Legal adviser, European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights

Marwan Kabalan, Head of Policy Analysis at Arab Center for Research & Policy Studies

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