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When nothing goes right, it's time to sit back and watch some our favorite throwback fails. Today we've got some hilarious softball, cat fails, and some great Leave a comment about your favorite clip below and don't forget to send us your funny fail videos to FailArmy.com!

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Wedding Party Falls into Pool https://goo.gl/Dbhlol
Water Pipe Bursts on Roadway https://goo.gl/gn8TGq
Man Lands on Nuts Jumping to Concrete Platform https://goo.gl/M6JoIs
Baseball Players Collide into Each Other https://goo.gl/D1LKcv
Surfers Narrowly Miss Each Other on Wave https://goo.gl/Yu1TFo
Father Pranks Son with Water Bottle https://goo.gl/BlnNvx
Golfer Breaks Club https://goo.gl/rq1alS
Girl Falls Backwards on Skimboard https://goo.gl/tluXzG
Bridesmaid Slips during Bouquet Toss https://goo.gl/BSKd60
Dog Hops on Top of Other Dog in Pool https://goo.gl/vRlnjs
Girl Knocks out Light Above Her with Hula Hoop https://goo.gl/R7bM2F
Guy Can't Catch a Break on Swing https://goo.gl/qvKZ8R
Owner Teases Hamster with Food https://goo.gl/un5Abx
Umpire Gets it in the Balls https://goo.gl/CQtE3X
Boy vs. Dodgeball https://goo.gl/M9vcwF
Soccer Ball gets Camera Behind Net https://goo.gl/o42vQj
Loose Skateboard Bystander https://goo.gl/gS5niO
Dad Tries to Use New Swegway https://goo.gl/PY1hEP
Cat Attacks Birds Projected on Wall https://goo.gl/83TuzL
BMXer Fails to Nose Manual https://goo.gl/Euck8M
Skateboarders Wipeout on Pavement https://goo.gl/Ll2NlC
Golfer Accidentally into Cameraman https://goo.gl/HahuxO
Unicyclist Rides off Wall https://goo.gl/Dm2CEQ
Mascot Slams Nuts into Pole https://goo.gl/zhrEyM
Dad Falls off Son's Scooter https://goo.gl/I6dcOa
Two Quads Fall Down Side of Mountain https://goo.gl/TYC6xt
Snowboarder Wipes Out on Mountain https://goo.gl/UbmI1B
Dancing Guy Slips in the Kitchen https://goo.gl/tzP0JN
Soccer Trickshot Gone Wrong https://goo.gl/UjJhGu
Golfer Slides into Lake https://goo.gl/Sy3a5A
Wedding Party Falls into Pool https://goo.gl/7rTZWf
Water Pipe Bursts on Roadway https://goo.gl/Y4YZNv
Man Lands on Nuts Jumping to Concrete Platform https://goo.gl/i8p4ko
Baseball Players Collide into Each Other https://goo.gl/SFYTsG
Surfers Narrowly Miss Each Other on Wave https://goo.gl/8SM9Dv
Girl Breaks Light While Practicing Swings https://goo.gl/rCKAh7
Swinging Little Girl into Sister https://goo.gl/6cmxEp
Guy Wearing Helmet Takes Unexpected Dip https://goo.gl/udgtLv
Rollerblader Goes Over Quarter Pipe Rail https://goo.gl/qAOtB0
Staffy Fails to Swing on Branch https://goo.gl/lzZBB3
Softball Player Throws errant ball https://goo.gl/wwID7Z
Drone during Wedding Ceremony https://goo.gl/I5IDYB
Baby Powder in Hair Dryer Prank Gone Wrong https://goo.gl/16F0Us
Girl on Motorbike Gets Stuck in Mud https://goo.gl/2EMRAL
Girl Gets Attacked by Peacock during Selfie https://goo.gl/AyVfFJ
Girl Smacks Friend in Face during 360 High Five https://goo.gl/bg4F2c
Skier and Snowboarder Slam into Each Other https://goo.gl/hCKZ9y
Skier and Snowboarder Slam into Each Other https://goo.gl/dJACWA
Man Spills Beer Everywhere https://goo.gl/s8DoaZ
Car into Wall in Tunnel https://goo.gl/glBaV9
Girl on Scooter Launches off Ramp https://goo.gl/Vcqg5O
Guy Knocks Basket of Balls over with Golf Club https://goo.gl/1mtXbP
Girl Leans into Ceiling Fan https://goo.gl/N5Wn38
Dog Leaps into Wall Trying to Fetch Ball https://goo.gl/lVOFSX
National Anthem Fail at Speedway https://goo.gl/PCY0EK
Skier Slides Down Mountain in Thong https://goo.gl/0vzEPz
Woman and Little Girl Fall into Pool https://goo.gl/cqlDfL
Dog Leaps into Wall Trying to Fetch Ball https://goo.gl/WEYmBW
Little Girl Attempts to Front Flip into Pool https://goo.gl/8YoikW
Kid Gets Wet at Bottom of Slide https://goo.gl/5ndXNV
Kid Disappears Behind Halfpipe https://goo.gl/bXlUTs
Man Falls off Pier Trying to Take Kayak out of Water https://goo.gl/s4ttPp
Volleyball Player Smacks Face on Floor https://goo.gl/5ok274
Bicyclist Eats His Wheel https://goo.gl/NnqvHk
Car Drags Vacuum Cleaner Behind It https://goo.gl/giKBGq
Motorcyclist Almost into Moose https://goo.gl/FyfrrG
Man Fails to Box Jump onto Crate https://goo.gl/GnOan2
Grandma Gets Scared by Fake Spider https://goo.gl/hKOoD9
Renegade Drone Attacks Wakeboard Girl https://goo.gl/UlBYBj

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