When People Are Negative And Difficult - Happiness Vlog

Stay happy around unhappy people. X

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To Read:
In life, we're going to meet people who behave in ways we don't agree with. Some people are very rude. They yell and swear at people and when we're at the receiving end of such behaviour, it can be a very unpleasant experience.

Whenever I used to get affected or upset, my mom had this very simple reminder that would completely change how I feel towards it -  She’d say, ”Girl, these are all very unhappy people.”

The moment our mind focuses on why people would behave negatively, we can clearly see that it has nothing to do with us but everything to do with their state of mind.

And It's not about gloating, like "Aha! They're unhappy, serves them right!", it's about taking on the perspective of understanding. 

We may not know the exact reasons why people are the way they are - there are a billion reasons why some people behave badly or nastily - but what we do understand that it must come from a place of deep unhappiness or from a lack of love and acceptance.
Truly happy and confident people don't treat people badly, and even if they disagree with you, they’ll try their best to not make you feel bad. 

When people are horrible in their behaviour, we can always be grateful that we have a strong enough self-esteem and enough happiness in our lives that we don't need to behave that way to feel good.

This helps us to not react badly towards negative people, and to truly not hate or harbour any ill-will towards anyone. We’ll just continue to be happy, always .

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