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'I don't care' iis the simplest way to protect ourselves, but maybe there's a better way. Watch this! X

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To Read:
I don't care.

Nothing affects me because I don't care.

And if nothing really affects me, then I’ll be happy.

The last part is true - if we are not mentally or emotionally disturbed by anything then we’ll always have a peace of mind and be happy.

But not caring doesn’t not mean that things don't affect us. Not caring indicates that we don’t have any other way to not let things affect us so we revert to the most instinctive form of self-protection of defensiveness. And that… is to harden ourselves to put up a wall, to block out.

So that even as things affect us we can very effectively pretend they don’t. We can even feel proud of ourselves for our ability to not care so much.

Saying that we don’t care is a pretense because it’s only when we’re sensitive, only when we’re easily hurt, or affected by negativity, that we’ll turn to a coping mechanism like not caring.

And this is why the unpleasantness of life, the unpleasantness of people, affects us more and more because we can only take so much before we burst apart at the seams with our frustration and resentment manifesting in outbursts and consequences, affecting not only ourselves but the people around us.

When things genuinely don’t affect us, it means that we’ve developed the skills to rise above our negative emotions.It means we’ve developed the skills to overcome any negative circumstances, to acknowledge them, to accept them… and then to let them go.

Not caring is a coping mechanism, whereas letting go is a resolution.

Strangely enough, it is only when we care enough to go through the discomfort of looking at ourselves of examining our own behaviour and our own negativity that we’re able to build the
muscles to not sweat the small stuff.

It is when we care that we’re not defensive but reflective. And that’s when we try to live life in positive ways that helps us be happy, always!


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