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Why is it that some people can't see what you think is so obvious? Watch this! X

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When we know something that we think is really simple, it’s instinctive to assume that everyone else also know the same thing.

We’ll think, “It’s normal for everyone to know this.”

I was at the airport bathroom one day, and when I went to wash my hands at the sink there was already an elderly woman next to me, fidgeting with the tap. When she saw that I was done washing my hands, she asked me, “Miss, how do you turn off the tap?”

I was surprised at the question, because until that day, I’ve never met anyone who didn’t already know that push-down taps turn off by themselves. You push the tap down, wash your hands and basically walk away.

When I explained that to her, that the water will stop running on its own, she looked puzzled and disbelieving. Then she stopped pulling on the tap and saw that the water did stop. She thanked me and we parted ways.

This experience stayed with me for many reasons. One of them being a reminder that what we think are normal amenities in our lives, are luxuries, or even magic, for other people. It puts not taking things on granted on another perspective.

What also got me thinking, is that when we take this concept and apply it to what people are thinking, it becomes very foolish for us to assume that a person will see logic the way we see it.

You really don’t know what you don’t know. Even if someone is trying to explain a certain perspective to you a thousand times, it’ll still be invisible to you.

This is why awareness cannot be taught or given, it has to be experienced by us. But once we become aware, it suddenly becomes very visible, and we wonder how we could have ever missed seeing it.

This understanding can help us see things from a new perspective and serve as a reminder whenever we get upset that people can’t see what we ourselves think is so obvious.

Here’s to never assuming what normal is, and it’ll easier for us to be less frustrated, to be more grateful, and to be happy, always.

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