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In this world of technology, are we slowly losing the human touch? Watch this X

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Hello how are you - there you go - can I help you with anything else - have a good day - thank you - bye.
The rate of efficiency and convenience is one of the most beautiful things about the 21st century, and it can also be the most tragic. 
Businesses are able to create systems and automations that lead to a faster processing time, but we, the people, are also adjusting to this way of life - we want it all and we want it NOW.
It's all about time and delivery of getting things done. Whether we're serving someone or being served, we get used to seeing a person as a vehicle for convenience, not as a person anymore.
At the bank, at the dry cleaners, at the restaurant - The worker sees we as a job to get done, and we see the worker as a vehicle to get your job done, and both are used to it that way.
The human element is slowly becoming less important, not because we don't care, but that one a day-to-day basics, we're so used to homogenous services and so focused on getting what we need done as quickly as possible, that truly connecting with a human being is a muscle we don't get to practice often. And over time, we forget how to do it at all.
This leads to a life of very little compassion or connection. We're losing the personal touch of interacting with people and the saddest thing is maybe we would rather it that way.
Businesses may need to systemise and automate, but human beings are not transactions. The best part of being human is that we are able to help and give warmth and joy, that we're able to make someone's day or leave them feeling good about themselves.
And we don't even need a lot of time to do it, nor do we have to be friends with someone. The human connection is in the simple eye contact, a smile, a greeting, the acknowledgment that I see you as a person. 
The human connection takes effort, and sometimes behaving a machine and just getting things done seem a lot easier. But whilst being a human being is not easy, it's WORTHWHILE. We only get to do it this human thing once, so don't choose to disconnect -  make it count and really connect as a person, and be happy, always. 

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