Who Has Worst Death? Your Guess Is WRONG | Every Isekai Anime Ranked | Rezero, Konosuba, Shield hero

Isekai Anime: What is WORST Way to Die? Every Isekai Anime Ranked
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Foxen deep dives into every isekai anime! Which Isekai death is most common: transported, reborn, summoned, truck-kun? find out!

Isekai anime covered:
ReZero (Re:Zero)
Slime Isekai
Average Isekai
Death March
Log Horizon
No Game No Life (NGNL)
Digimon Adventure 2020
Highschool Prodigies Isekai
Demon Lord Retry
Master Isekai
8th son Are you kidding me?
Kemono Michi
How Not to Summon Demon Lord
Shield Hero
Arifureta Commonplace
Mother Isekai
I sekai Cheat
I'm standing on a 1 million lives
Kingdom of dreams
Tanya The Terrible
2 Cautious Hero
3 Slime Isekai
4 Average
5 Bookworm Isekai
6 Villainess Otome Game
7 Wiseman's grandchild
In another world with my Smartphone
9 Knight's and magic
10 Grace of gods

More Upcoming Isekai Anime in 2021:
SAO Progressive Movie
Slime Isekai Season 2


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