Why Are There So Many Filipino Nurses In The U.S.? | AJ+

The United States has a lot of Filipino nurses. How did that happen?

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The Philippines and the U.S. have a long history – a relationship that's been defined at times as colonial, and at other times as a labor contract. As a result, Filipinos were the fifth-largest foreign-born immigrant group in the United States in 2015, and they're overrepresented in certain industries, like nursing and farming. How did that happen? Join Sana Saeed as she explores how America ended up with so many Filipino nurses – and what that says about the history of Filipino migration and labor.

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Presented by: Sana Saeed
Written by: Sana Saeed
Edited by: Brian Joseph
Animations by: Debbie Schedivy
Produced by: Sana Saeed

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