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Rep. Ayanna Pressley, a self-described 'bonus mom' herself, is committed to the empowerment of the mothers, especially the most vulnerable ones.
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Rep. Ayanna Pressley made headlines during the midterm elections for defeating Michael Capuano to represent the greater Boston area. With the election 2018 in the rearview, Pressley is gearing up to create policy change within Congress. Mothers and motherhood is top of mind for Pressley.

Pressley: More than anything, any comma or fancy title after my name, I am my mother's child. May she rest in power. And I was my mother's caregiver. I saw the struggles of my mother to make ends meet as a single mom what shapes me the most are those lived experiences in my formative years which has crystallized for me and really cemented my desire to to advocate for those that are ignored left out and left behind, and to intentionally lift up the voices of mothers.'

The number of working moms in Congress doubled in 2019. Rep. Ayanna Pressley wants to see more policy action for mothers, especially mothers of color.

Pressley: 'Black women disproportionately bear the hurt in every way. They don't receive equal pay for equal work. There is gender bias and racial discrimination and policies that obstruct rather than support and uplift and advance. And the real rub here is that these inequities and these disparities were created by policy. So the way to disrupt these inequities and these disparities disproportionally bore by black women is through lawmaking. And that is exactly why I ran for Congress so that we can address everything from the growing maternal morbidity rates to ensuring that women are working at a living wage to ensure that child care is quality is accessible is affordable for every family model for every worker. '

Black women are 3-4 time more likely to die in pregnancy than white women.

Pressley: 'My paternal grandmother Karen Presley died giving birth to my youngest uncle Jerome. That was decades ago and so it is hard to believe that in 2019 that this is a tragedy that black women are disproportionately still face day.'

Pressley was raised by a single mother and calls herself a ‘bonus mom’ for her stepdaughter, Cora

'I honor bio mom. I am her bonus mom. But the point is that in 2019 there are many family models and whether you are a single mom, like the household and I was reared in, or whether you are a grandmother raising a grandchild whether you are a bio mom a bonus mom or whether you're in a two parent household just know that we see you

I care about ensuring that my daughter is not denied or deprived any opportunity in life simply because she is a girl and a girl of color. And I care about the world that we're building for her and the future that she'll inherit.'

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