Why Do I Always Have To Be Understanding? - Happiness Vlog

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If you've ever been fed up with being the 'nice' person... watch this! XO

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Why is it so tiring being so positive and understanding all the time?

Trying to be grow as a person can be overwhelming, because we’re unsure of when we should work on ourselves and when it’s actually other people that’s the problem.

Is this the moment where I should be patient or are you actually the one being unreasonable? Is this the moment where I should be understanding, or should you actually be aware that it’s not good to treat me that way?

The thing is, even when people are unreasonable or treating us in ways we don’t think is right, we can be patient and understanding whilst letting them know how their actions affect us.

Positivity should empower us, not cripple us. Being nice doesn’t mean not being able say anything even when we don’t agree with someone’s actions. Being understanding doesn’t mean we excuse people’s bad behaviour. It just means we are able to communicate effectively with people without blame or resentment.

Sometimes, being a nice person feels tiring when our motivation to be nice is driven by how we don’t want people to dislike us, and we want to come across as a positive and understanding person. So we try not to say anything even when we have an opinion, but in the end we end up feeing tired and taken advantaged of.

Putting people before us isn’t a sign that we’re empathetic or understanding it’s a sign that we will continue feeling more and more unhappy inside.

Don’t ever feel trapped by your desire to be a positive and good person. When we learn how to communicate positively, that’s when we don’t feel tired of having to be nice all the time, because we understand that we can be nice without being victimised, and we can genuinely be happy, always.


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