Why Do You Criticise Yourself? - Happiness Vlog

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How perfect do we need to be, to feel good about ourselves? Watch this! XO

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When you look in the mirror, do you see the best things about yourself, or do you immediately see what’s wrong with you?

Do you always immediately notice your flabby arms, ugly teeth, big nose, fat thighs?

Because I guarantee you, that's not the first thing OTHER people notice about you.

We’re usually can’t even remember someone's name right after being introduced to them, much less notice their arms, thighs, eyes or nose.

The people most judgemental of us... is ourselves. And when we have a fault-finding habit and is critical of ourselves, we tend automatically zero in on other people’s flaws the moment we see them, and that makes us even more paranoid because we feel like other people must be noticing about us what we notice about them.

It's a vicious cycle that never ends - the more you find faults with yourself, the more you find faults with other people, and then the more you fear people seeing all your faults. 

Nobody notices our crooked nose when they're being dazzled by our personality. Not every single attractive person is good looking - but every single attractive person is definitely empowered by their strengths as opposed to being encumbered their weaknesses. 
It is when we choose to find beauty within us - however cheesy it sounds - that we will radiate an energy that draws people in. This is because when we are less self-conscious and less worried about what other people are saying or thinking about us, we are more focused on having a good time and enjoying ourselves, and that is attractive.

Attractiveness is something money (or even genes!) cannot buy, but it's certainly something we can acquire, and it starts with us not finding faults with ourselves. 

Don’t keep thinking you’re not attractive enough. We all become who we feel we are, so see the amazing qualities in yourself, and that's who other people will see when they see you. Be happy (with yourself), always.

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