Why Do You Find Some People Stupid?

Do you project your worldview onto other people without realising it? Watch this! XO

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To Read:
Everybody knows this!
Everybody means me, I know this.

Nobody does that wan lah!
Nobody means me, I don’t do that.

Everybody and nobody is actually ME.

When we feel so strongly about something, we feel like everyone in the world feels the exact same way as us!

WE feel like it’s a stupid movie, so we feel like nobody would like crap like that. We think that some things are common sense, so we feel like everyone would know it.

When we speak sometimes, it’s as if our taste, and our belief is the universal taste and belief.

And that, is the cause of a lot of our impatience, judgement and intolerance towards other people.

When we believe something to be true, we have to remember that it is just our own perspective. Just because our emotions are strong about something doesn’t make it more true in the universe.

It’s very hard for us human beings to see beyond our own worldview, especially if we are surrounded by friends and family who think like us and act like us.

This is why very nice people can be very judgemental people too - they don’t intentionally judge, they just unconsciously project their own worldview upon other people.

This is why one of the biggest keys to happiness is our ability to catch ourselves when we are complaining about someone, or ranting about something - is your frustration and anger truly about how wrong someone is? Or is it because they’re doing something you wouldn’t do?

So the next time you catch yourself saying, “Nobody would behave like that!” take a moment and think about it - is it true that nobody would behave like that? Or I won’t behave like that and that’s why I’m upset?

No matter who’s right or wrong, as long as we are impatient and angry and frustrated, we are the one suffering. So learn to understand yourself and understand other people, so you can truly let go and be happy, always!
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