Why Don't You See That You're Wrong? - Happiness Vlog

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Sometimes, people cannot see what we think is so obvious. Here's why X

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If you and I are very different, then which one of us is more normal?

We all understand that every single person is different, yet this understanding vanishes into thin air the moment we interact with someone who is actually different from us.

We don't think that we're always right, but we do believe in truths and realities, so between two people - someone has to be right, and someone has to be wrong.

If you see a tree in front of you, and a blind man tells you it's not there, who is right and who is wrong? Which reality is the real reality?

For people who have vision, we assume that we all see the same thing. But although our eyes may capture the same image, the way we interpret those messages can be extremely different. It's like two people can look at the same photograph but they each describe it completely differently.

All of us see, but WHAT we see depends on so many things. We use concepts that we already have in our heads to understand something, concepts based on our past experiences, our culture and our upbringing.

This is the main reason why we keep trying to explain our concepts to people, and why we get increasingly frustrated when they don't seem to see what we think is obvious.

The truth is, we may never be able to see what some else sees. But that doesn't mean we have to keep proving our point to them or completely disregard them.

The thing is, when we understand someone, we can no longer be upset at them. But when we DON'T understand someone, we also can't be upset at them, because how can we be upset at something we don't understand?

There’s no such thing as ‘more normal’. People either have similar or very different concepts to us, which affects whether they see something the way we do or not. If we can accept that our norm is not the universal norm - then it becomes so much easier to be happy, always.

Xandria Ooi, Happiness Vlog
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