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Here are 3 great reasons why Election Day should be a federal holiday, according to Robert Reich.
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Robert Reich: 'Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans oppose legislation that would make election day a federal holiday, claiming that it would be a power grab.

Well, it would be a power grab—a power grab for the American people.

Here are three reasons why Election Day should be a federal holiday.

First, only 22 states require employers to give their workers paid time off to vote. In some states, employees are only given a few hours to make it to the polls, which means long lines and waits make voting impossible. Making Election Day a federal holiday would create a uniform standard across the country to encourage voting.

Number 2: Most other democracies hold election day on the weekend, or have made election day a holiday to ensure the most people can get to the polls.

Number 3: By making Election Day a holiday, we’d reinforce the importance of voting in the minds of Americans. Holidays are meant to signify important milestones, sacred moments in American life. If Columbus Day is a federal holiday, why not make Election Day one, too?

Only Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans could twist something as well-intentioned as making Election Day a holiday, into a vast, left-wing conspiracy.

The real reason they oppose making election day a holiday is that they don’t want to make it easier for people to vote. They know that the largest voting bloc in America is non-voters, who overwhelmingly oppose Republican tax cuts for the rich, and attempts by Republicans to undermine Social Security and Medicare.

McConnell’s antics show how scared he is of giving the American people a real say in our democracy.'

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