Why Happiness Is More Than An Emotion (Your Own Happiness)

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Is it possible to be happy even when you’re feeling down or sad? Watch this! XO

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Is it hard to be happy, always?

Life in itself is always going to be challenging. If it’s not a problem at work, then it’s a situation at home. If it’s not people and circumstances that are causing difficulties, then it’s our own insecurities and needs and fears.

Yet, our happiness is really up to us to define. We are all very familiar with the feeling of happiness, so when the feeling is absent, the only logical conclusion is that are unhappy. But is that true? MUST we be unhappy when the feeling of happiness is absent?

Perhaps, it is not our emotions but our perspective towards life that determines where we are happy or unhappy.

If we’re going to go through life with the perspective that we can only be happy when we’re enjoying ourselves, then we’re going to be pretty miserable most of the time, because a lot of what happens in life aren’t all that enjoyable - people can’t be agreeing with us all the time and we can’t be in a good mood all the time.

The perspective that allows us to be happy even when we don’t feel happy, is simply to acknowledge and embrace that life is life. There are ups and downs and when life is on the up, it doesn’t make our life more valuable. When life is on the down, it doesn’t make our life less valuable.

If we can embrace the perspective that our happiness isn’t tied to how easy or difficult life is, then we can really see how it’s possible to be happy, even when we are sad. It sounds like an oxymoron, but the truth is that when we really believe that your life is valuable, then we’ll always have gratitude even when we’re feeling down or sad. And that’s a kind of peace that no relationship or no amount of success can give to us.

This is what true happiness means. Not the kind of happiness where we’re enjoying ourselves when life is easy, but a happiness that comes from within where we believe in our worth regardless of all the ups and downs in our life.

Life can be hard, but our happiness doesn’t have to be. Depending on your perspective, it is possible, to be happy, always.

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