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'Women have what I think Hillary Clinton once called the responsibility gene. They seem to be more and more, the only grown-ups in the room.’ — The founder of Women in the World Tina Brown wants women to stop leading like men.
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Tina Brown, Founder, Women in the World:

When women are allowed to lead, they do so very differently.
And can really make statements that just completely move the needle. This is the tenth anniversary of the women in the world summit. And so we decided to get really big and all thinking and we said, can women save the world?

I think what's really becoming clear to us is that when women are allowed to lead they do so very differently and can really make statements that just completely move the needle. A couple of years ago the prime minister of New Zealand was really famous for having had a baby in office as a world leader… and then the Christchurch massacre happened in the mosque where the Muslims were murdered in a brutal white supremacy act and Jacinda Ardern out and just instinctively stepped up and showed the kind of leader that she was she put on hijab as a gesture of solidarity to the Muslims of New Zealand and all over the country. Woman also don't the hijab in solidarity with the Muslims. Suddenly she was the iconic face of peace and inclusion and compassion and the Arab world took notice and started to use her image on monuments in the Arab world to show that she was a person of really empathetic feelings towards Muslims. This was an incredible act of leadership and it shows how women can really have that intuitive sense that something deep down that can step up at moments of crisis. And I want to see more of that.

Her and she went in in that instance really from being the prime minister of New Zealand to being a global world leader one who had stepped into her power and showed a new kind of way to to reach out and empathize. We're going to see more of that as more and more of these women and it's happening everywhere step up and take the reins of power.

What was so refreshing about that Jacinta Arden image in the hit job was it was an absolute diametric opposite to what we have frankly in the White House which is a tangerine tallboy you know who is communicating with the sort of daily flatulence of his tweets braggadocio at every turn a Muslim by hectoring people with immigrant hatred.

We're seeing that women have what I think Hillary Clinton once called the responsibility gene. They seem to be more and more the only grownups in the room. I mean look at Nancy Pelosi speaker of the house. She has is the only person really who Trump is afraid to taunt. She knows how to deal with him. She knows how to make him eat his spinach. To go back and have his time out and just simply behave like a human being.or she tries to make him do that. As she tells her caucus all the time who are very sort of angry lot and very hard to corral. She says you know calm down she said after the Mueller report. And we have to not be like them we have to have a strategy. It's remarkable to see how she leads. It's an entirely different style from what we see in the corridors of power, where so many men are reigning the crisis from world leaders around the world and how can women are. All over the world we're seeing the rise of strongmen. You’ve got the bullying Bolsonaro in Brazil. who's a total connard Trump lookalike.

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