Why Should I Let Go?

Why should we let go when someone has hurt us? Watch this XO

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To Read:

When someone has hurt us, it is impossible to let go of the pain without also letting go of the anger and blame.

This is why we struggle so much with letting go. How can we let people “get away” after they’ve caused such hurt to us? So yes, we want to be free from pain, but we also don’t want to let go of the anger and the blame because we believe that we must somehow get even.

When you think about it, someone may have caused us pain in the past, but it is this dilemma that is causing us the suffering in the present.

When something awful has already happened, it has already happened. No matter how much pain we inflict upon the perpetrator, it does nothing to change what has already happened.

This isn’t about being matter-of-fact or making light of something of extreme significance—it is about understanding that all the hatred and anger in the world cannot take away what has happened.

If someone committed murder, we can take action for the person to be removed from society where they cannot hurt or harm anyone again.

If someone has hurt us or the people we love, we can take action in determining how to best make sure they wouldn’t be able to do it again.

There is difference between taking action and seeking justice. We can take action without the burning anger that traps us into suffering.

Revenge sounds real good, but in real life, someone else’s suffering doesn’t give us peace.

To have real peace, it would mean that when someone has hurt or harmed us, we cannot let the person victimise us further by holding on to righteous anger and our need for revenge. Because that would mean having to live in the past, and it would rob us of our freedom in the present.

It’s really hard to have ice in our veins and hate in our hearts yet want to live with peace and love. This is why we don’t forgive for others, but for ourselves. It’s in our own self-interest to not hold ourselves back by holding on to anger, hatred and blame. If we really want revenge, then we can take it by living our best life. Be happy, always.
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