Why Sinister Fans Never Got To See The Third Movie

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Sinister is one of the better big-budget horror movies in recent memory, and nobody was surprised when this Blumhouse film got the sequel treatment in 2015. But since then, there hasn't been so much as a whisper about a third chapter. Instead, it looks like the whole Sinister series has been abandoned in favor of other franchises. Why does sequel-happy Hollywood want nothing more to do with Bughuul and his box of haunted videos? Let's roll the tape...

Sinister 2 didn't make enough cash | 0:23
Critics tore the second film apart | 1:01
The sequel botched the best part | 1:30
They killed the premise — and the whole cast | 2:10
The monster is a bore | 2:52
The original director has moved on | 3:41

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