Why So Many Haters? - Happiness Vlog

When haters say things about you, this is why it doesn't matter. XO

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Have you ever been hated upon?

What can you do, if people insist to hate?
Should you hate them back?

Should you curse them? Shame them? Fight them?

Or should you wish them well? Or is that a bit silly? Why would you send good vibes to someone who is sending you hate?

Yet, what doesn’t make sense is hating our haters - why on earth would we want to perpetuate the very thing we dislike?

In the ideal world, we’d all be able to be genuinely kind towards our haters. In the real world, that’s a lot harder to do. But it becomes easier when we think about why haters say the things they do. Why would someone criticise, humiliate and scorn?

The only reason anyone would do that is to release some sort of pent-up dissatisfaction with life. Venting, bullying and making someone else feel bad is the only way to feel in control of their lives. Everything that a hater says about us… it’s not even about us at all.

It genuinely doesn’t matter what haters say because those are all their insecurities, not yours.

Haters are people who are lacking in joy, and to some extent, we all know what joylessness feels like. Imagine feeling that way all the time. Understanding this is enough for us to not return joylessness with more joylessness.

Don’t be affected by the noise around you. When we stay focused on developing our mental and emotional strength, we’re not just building the ability to be unaffected, we’re also expanding our ability to be kind, even in the face of hate. Haters can try to hate… but we can be happy, always.

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