Why Star Wars Fans Almost Never Got To See The Film

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Face it: Star Wars shouldn't have worked. It was a science fiction fairy tale made when Hollywood was cranking out gritty, character-driven dramas. It starred a handful of unknown actors and a man in a fur suit. It begins with 20 minutes of robots wandering through a desert. The main villain of the original trilogy is a space wizard. That sounds like a disaster, not the beginning of a multi-billion dollar franchise. Yet, despite all odds, Star Wars didn't just clean up at the box office, it literally reinvented the entire Hollywood machine. And it came so close to never happening. Here's why...

Flash of genius | 0:36
Studio resistance | 1:34
Sci-fi dry spell | 2:14
Financial woes | 3:17
Trouble in Tunisia | 3:56
Delays almost spelled doom | 4:47
The studio almost buried it | 5:24

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