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2020 presidential candidate Rep. Tim Ryan is from a blue-collar district but has an unlikely health care solution for veterans in need: yoga.
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Tim Ryan: I’ve watched [yoga] literally transform vets who are double amputees, have had a lot of post-traumatic stress, some traumatic brain injuries, a lot of damage to their nervous system, and have watched them do yoga and heal. And as I said, I’m kind of a blue collar guy from a blue collar town, an old quarterback, and why do I talk about yoga? I talk about it because it works, and to watch veterans go from taking 15 or 20 prescription drugs down to none, or one, or two, or three is, to me, all the evidence you need.

Most of the political discussion, today, is around health insurance, so how do we insure people when they’re sick? And it’s really a disease care system. So when we get sick, the health insurance kicks in, the pharmaceutical companies come in, everybody’s making a lot of money, and they get paid because we’re sick. So what I wanna do is really flip that system and to say and recognize that it’s 75% of health care costs come from chronic diseases that are largely preventable, which means there’s about $2-3 trillion a year that we could save if we flipped the system and moved towards incentivizing doctors to keep us healthy and rewarding patients with refunds and rebates to get and stay healthy.

And I think that means paying for the different programs that are out there that can keep us healthy, that can get us off our medications, that will save us money in the long run, that allow our bodies to heal better. And some of these programs that we never thought would be helpful, we’re seeing being extremely effective at bringing down the cost of health care. And, to me, why wouldn’t we play offense and be very proactive in keeping people healthy?

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