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‘My message for President Trump is, is it too much to ask for one opportunity?’ — Just listening to this immigrant mother will dispel all of Trump’s xenophobic rhetoric.
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Texans are calling B.S. on President Trump’s rhetoric about migrants & crime. Ruben Garcia runs a refugee center in Texas called the Annunciation House that aids recent immigrants. Donald Trump held a Trump rally in El Paso, Texas, and ramped up his anti-immigrant rhetoric. Garcia and one of the immigrants helped by the Annunciation House spoke out at a press conference.

Ruben Garcia, Executive Director Annunciation House: We’re here this morning to talk about the criminalization of refugees, of taking individuals and families like those you see here at the table and behind standing, and converting them into criminals for no other reason than to politicize, for political advantage. The countless refugees who come in who are portrayed as somehow being a danger, being a criminal, being a threat to our communities here in the United States, and, what you discover is that you all need to understand is all of the adults, all of them, have been processed by border patrol, CBP, and part of that process is to be fingerprinted, and to have the fingerprints run through the various databases—the FBI database, the DHS database, the immigration database, the Interpol database—to see if there’s any reason to believe that they constitute a danger, a threat to any of our communities. If truth be told, the people who are here with us right now, in fact, are a greater, they are of greater security to us than you the members of the media that are here. It would be interesting to see what would happen if all of you were fingerprinted and run through all the databases to see if something might not kick back out. With them, nothing. 340 individuals are going to be released to us, all of whom are as secure and safe, all of whom have fled from the country.

Immigrant mother: I came to this country with my family because of the incredible insecurity in our country. We’re here for an opportunity and we want to see if it’s possible, because in our country, there are no opportunities. The criminality in our country is very high. There’s no security for our children. That’s why we took our children, with just the clothes on their backs, and leave the country. And we thank God that we’re here alive, even though we had a long journey with a lot of difficulties. /// I’m a mother, and I don’t know if people look at me, and think ‘criminal.’ I just want to protect and save my family.

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