Why we still need courtroom sketch artists

In an age where everyone's phone has a camera, why do we still rely on sketch artists to document trials?

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We sat down with Christine Cornell, a courtroom sketch artist who has been covering trials for over 40 years to talk about why even in an age where everybody's cellphones have cameras on them, we still often need artists to portray what happens in courtrooms.

She has covered the trials of Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, and Martin Shkreli, as well as people like the Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and El Chapo. She explains what it takes to be a courtroom sketch artist and how she think that compassion is one of the key traits artists must possess.

She also gives a demonstration of her technique by drawing a portrait of Dean.

Make sure to check out Christine's website for more examples of the many trials she's covered over her career http://www.christinecornell.com
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