Why You Should Never Burn Bridges - Happiness Vlog

When something doesn't work out, always end things well. Here's why! X

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Sometimes, something happens that upsets us so much that we act impulsively to cut off all ties we decide to do that intentionally.

There’s a saying, don’t do something permanently stupid just because you’re temporarily upset, and it speaks volumes about how our actions can come back to haunt us sometime in the future.

When it comes to work situations, we might think, “Well who cares, I never want to work with this company ever again anyway,” so we might resign in a flurry of anger, without the responsibility nor good faith of finishing our tasks before we leave, or putting everything in good order for the next person to take over. We leave, and we could care less about leaving the company and the people in a lurch.

Perhaps something awful happened and we were treated unfairly, but the issue is never about the leaving, it’s about how we leave. One critical philosophy to adopt in life is to never burn bridges.

Even as we think we might never want or need someone in our life ever again, life can work in the most ironic of ways. You might find out that the father of the girl you’re in love with is the same person you’ve vocally assaulted and left hung to dry at your old workplace. Or that the investor you need to invest in your business is father of your-ex boyfriend.

We can choose to exit our work situation or even a friendship or relationship, but there’s no need to make enemies. We live in a very small world, and we never know when we will need to cross paths again with the people we have treated badly.

Not burning bridges isn't about not doing something out of fear, but about thinking rationally and with intelligence.

Our reputation, work ethic and how we treat people are the three things that define who we are as a person. So we should behave not just according to how we feel now, but to think a few steps ahead to decide on the action will help us in the long run, to be happy, always.

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