Will Pakistan's Prime Minister survive a vote of no confidence? | Inside Story

No Prime Minister in Pakistan has ever completed a full five-year term.
It appears Imran Khan could suffer the same fate.
The National Assembly has begun debating a motion of no-confidence with a vote expected by Monday.
Khan's opponents accuse him of corruption and mismanaging the economy.
Their attempt to oust him received a boost when the main partner in his coalition government quit and joined the opposition.
Khan says there's a foreign conspiracy to remove him and he has a letter as proof.
So can the former cricket star survive the biggest test of his career?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Faisal Vawda – Former Federal Minister for Water Resources & Pakistan Affairs specialist.

Farzana Shaikh – Associate Fellow, Asia Pacific Programme, Chatham House.

Shiraz Paracha - Professor of Journalism and a Specialist in the Affairs of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia.

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