WIRED Autocomplete: New & Improved! Introducing WIRED Autocomplete Glue!

Have you ever watched an episode of WIRED Autocomplete Interview and been frustrated and annoyed when the papers covering the questions don't rip off correctly? Ugh, it's awful, and dozens of celebrities agree. But, what if there's a better way? Introducing WIRED Autocomplete Glue, a brand new adhesive invented by a world-renowned chemist that's perfect for gluing tiny strips of paper on a large foam placard. Never again will The Rock have to struggle with a maddeningly stubborn piece of paper, embarrassing the entire WIRED production team in the process.

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Featuring scientist and author Kate Biberdorf.
TikTok: @katethechemist
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Twitter: @k8thechemist

*This product is not real. Don't visit http://www.wired.com for this product, but do go for our incredible journalism and insights into all things tech. Happy April 1st!

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WIRED Autocomplete: New & Improved! Introducing WIRED Autocomplete Glue!
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