You’re So Offensive!

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When people say offensive things… don't take it personally. Watch this! XO

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If you’re offensive, do I have to get offended?

We all have our principles and beliefs, and often, we think that standing up for ourselves means there are certain things we have to take things personally.

But if we are easily offended every time someone says something that is different from our idea of courtesy and respect, we’ll spend a lot of our time on earth feeling indignant, angry and unhappy.

It’s instinctive to think that someone else is the cause of our unhappy reaction. No doubt, people can say all sort of ridiculous things that are uncalled for, but they have zero power over our happiness. So the only way someone has power over us is if we choose to be offended.

“I want you to take responsibility for your offensive words!” is not very logical, it’s like saying “Apologise so that you release me from the pain of your offense”.

How can someone else release us from our pain? Only we can do that.

When we take offense, we think we’re standing up for ourselves, but we’re sabotaging ourselves. We’re having a great day and now we’ve allowed someone else to ruin it. We were in the drivers seat and now we’re dancing to someone else’s tune.

If someone is trying to give us offense, it is up to us whether or not to take it.

Taking ACTION and taking OFFENSE are two very different things. Taking action is solving a problem. Taking offense is taking on an emotional burden.

If a person is saying something offensive, the best way to stand up for ourselves is to let their words go in one ear… and come out the other ear.

We don’t need someone’s apology to give us closure or validation, because one of the best ways to truly have peace is to not take on other people’s pain as our own, so that we can truly be happy, always!
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