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Of all the wishes in the world, don't wish you were someone else. Watch this X

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Are you completely and a 100% happy with who you are?

In this day and age, it's easier than ever to compare ourselves to people, with social media, all it takes is one look at other people's Instagram and Facebook to see how full and happy someone's life is.

We all have role models whose characteristics we want to emulate, whose amazing life is so inspiring we want to create that same life for ourselves.

But there is a clear difference between wishing we could be MORE like someone, and wishing we were someone else entirely. The former makes us feel hopeful and inspired, and the latter is just depressing because we can never be anyone else.

We only have this body, this luck, this looks, this job and this life; and if we feel that it isn't good enough, then it'll probably never be good enough.

Don't feel that you've got the raw end of the deal. Don't think that life is unfair. Don't think that people are prettier or luckier than you. Don't ever see yourself as a victim, or someone who's drawn the shorter end of the straw.

Because the secret to success, the secret to happiness and having that dream life; is to see how abundant you are instead of how lacking. The moment we change the way we see ourselves, our experiences too will change accordingly.

There's so much power in how we perceive people and how we perceive ourselves. We shouldn't give that power away by feeling sorry for ourselves, but to use that power by improving our lives.

We are who we are, no one can be us and that in itself is special. Embrace the power you have in charting your own path, without looking at other people's paths... and that's a wonderful and healthy way to be happy, always.


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