You Can't Do That To Me - Happiness Vlog

No matter what anyone says or does, don't let them take hostage of your emotions. Watch this! X

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You can’t treat me like that!

You can’t do that!

People can treat us however they want, they can do whatever they like, because their actions are a 100% up to them to dictate and decide. It’s up to US however, whether we let people treat us badly, it’s up to us to decide to stop engaging with people whose actions we don’t agree with.

Most of us want to stop engaging when we feel taking advantaged of, but we don’t know how to do it in a way that doesn’t end with us feeling worse. This is because we put so much responsibility upon other people on how they should treat us that we’ve made our happiness dependent upon what people do or don’t do.

It is only when we’re measuring a person’s actions against our own morals, standards and values, that we always can’t help but feel incredibly upset that they’ve treated us the way they have.

When we think someone can’t treat us a certain way, it’s because we feel they shouldn’t have. This acknowledgment is important, because it’s us taking responsibility over the fact that we have preferences, and it’s not the person’s fault that they don’t meet our preferences.

This is an important distinction to make, because it immediately takes away the anger we feel. And it is only with the absence of anger that we can stop engaging with someone without feeling even more upset, or like it’s unresolved.

People can be however they want to be, and we can be however we choose to be. When we choose to not let people take hostage of our emotions, we’re choosing to be happy, always.
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