You Can't Take My Happiness Away - Happiness Vlog

People can create negative situations in our life, but they can never take our happiness away. Here's why X

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What exactly, is the cause of our suffering?

Who exactly, is the cause of our pain?

When we look at any terrible, difficult or negative thing that has happened in our lives, the most surface thought is that it happened to us.

If that is the thought in our mind, we immediately become the victim in any situation. This one thought, “Something bad happened to me” or “Someone did something to me” renders us immediately powerless.

For example, when someone we love betrays us, it can feel very much like they did something terrible to us. That can be our belief. Or, our belief could be they did something terrible, full stop. The person didn’t do anything to us, they made a decision in their own life that has impacted us.

People can only affect our lives through the hurt, problems and challenges they create, but they cannot make us less significant a human being. Just because our partner decided to be with someone else, it doesn’t mean that they’ve discarded us.

We cannot see someone else’s actions as a defining factor of our sense-of-self. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel like garbage - change the thought in your head about what you believe happened - “something happened in my life but I am still the same person I was before this.”

When you change your belief towards any undesirable situation, you’re taking back the power you have over your own life.

Situations don’t make us suffer- it is our thoughts towards the situation that causes us the suffering.

Byron Katie, in her book Loving What Is, has 4 questions that she encourages us to ask ourselves whenever we experience suffering. She calls it, ’The Work, and the last question is one that is simple yet powerful:

“Without this thought, who would I be?”

People may create undesirable circumstances in our lives, but they cannot do anything to us. Because only we have absolute power over what we believe is the truth about ourselves and our lives. When we change our thoughts, we’ll change our reality, and that will give us the peace of mind to be happy, always.

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