You Don't Have To Be A Perfectionist (To Be Successful)

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Can we have high standards without being a perfectionist? Watch this! XO

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What does being a perfectionist mean and why do we take such pride in it?

A word is just a word, and if being a perfectionist means you giving your best in everything that you do, then it’s a great guiding principle in life.

But if being a perfectionist means that you’re always striving for perfection, then the only logical conclusion that you’ll easily feel bad about yourself, because no human being is perfect.

We can call ourselves a perfectionist with pride, but if it ends up with us often punishing ourselves by feeling bad about our mistakes and actions, then perhaps being a perfectionist is doing us more harm than good.

When we’re so hard on ourselves, we also tend to be equally harsh on others. We become more intolerant, more impatient, and deep down we know we shouldn’t be this way, yet we justify our lack of tolerance by thinking it signifies our high standards.

There is absolutely no correlation between being a perfectionist and having high standards - it’s just our ego making us think that we have to be tough on ourselves and tough on others to practice high standards.

In reality, how successfully we execute something has a lot more to with our patience and tenacity than it has to do with our harshness and judgement.

Happiness has very little to do with perfection. In fact, happiness comes from our ability to handle all the imperfections in life without getting upset at ourselves or at other people.

It is when we learn how to not sweat the small stuff that we can consistently give a high standard in whatever it is that we do. We don’t have to be a perfectionist in order to be successful, or to be happy, always!

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