You'll NEVER Recognize These Famous Child Celebs Today

Famous Child Celebrities That Are Unrecognizable Today.
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We’re not meant to look exactly the same as we grow up. Even though we try to maintain our youth, it eventually fades with age. But when you’re a child celebrity, you have to bank on the looks you have, since they're part of what made you famous in the first place. For some child stars, they play their cards just right and manage to bypass that awkward transition between being a child and becoming an adult. Other child stars don't just evolve in the looks department, their entire demeanor seems to change too — for better or for worse. While Demi Lovato was once an innocent child actor on Barney, she definitely isn't so innocent anymore. She also left the acting world behind to focus on her now booming music career. Watch You'll NEVER Recognize These Famous Child Celebrities to see some of the biggest transformations in show biz today.

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