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We often think that miserable people make us miserable, but it's our response to negativity that determines how happy we are. 

If we can be nice to everyone, even people who aren't all that nice to us... we'll be so much happier.

Thinking, “I don’t need this kind of energy in my life” is like saying, “If the going is tough, I have to avoid the tough stuff.”

Then avoidance is all we learn in life. We don’t realise it but our reaction towards one challenge is a reflection of the way we handle all challenges in life.

Instead of depending upon how the circumstances are or how people are, why don’t we just build our own capabilities to be strong and patient and kind on the inside? Why don’t we learn how to cultivate peace on the inside, so that things on the outside don’t affect the quality of our life?

The quality of our life isn’t dependent upon what we have or don’t have and it certainly shouldn’t be dependent upon how other people are. We only have this one life, and not a single second should be wasted on blaming other people, or getting angry at other people. It’s a waste of our emotions.

People say it’s impossible to never be angry, that it’s not normal to never be angry. But that’s not true.

It’s hard to not be angry, just like how it’s hard and frustrating to learn a different language.

We often confuse difficult with impossible. And we often confuse human nature with human ability.

It is human nature to get frustrated and angry. But it is also our human ability to cultivate the parts of ourselves that we want to harness and grow, and to leave behind the parts that don’t serve us.

Everyone who isn’t nice to us, who challenges our patience and kindness, is our teacher. It is at that very moment that we have the opportunity to see what we are made of. They are teaching us something about ourselves.

There can be misery in problems, or there can be joy in learning. When we’re aware that we can choose how to see what life presents us… that’s when we understand how we can choose to be happy, always.

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