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We have hopes an dreams, but here's why life still has so much meaning even when our dreams are dashed. X

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Why are we here on this earth?

The answer to this question depends on what you believe. Maybe it’s tied to faith, maybe it’s a personal philosophy. One thing’s for sure, everyone’s answer can differ, and not one is more correct than the other.

It’s human nature to want to find the meaning of life, which is why we have dreams. The idea of dreams gives us something to look forward to, so much so that our dreams become our purpose in life.

This is where we can really explore the possibility that our purpose in life does not necessarily mean that we have to have dreams of what we want to achieve in life.

For example, if we think that our dreams of getting married and having a family are dashed because of unforeseen circumstances, it does not mean that our life will suddenly have less meaning.

Our reason of being here on this earth, can’t be so that we can achieve our dreams. Our purpose of existence can’t be to get married, or to procreate, or to work, or to make money.

These are human decisions and human desires.

Our purpose in life is something we have to figure out for ourselves, and it can’t be attached to one singular thing - because our purpose is not linked to what we have or don’t have - it is attached to how we live.

Disappointments are part of life. It sounds easy to say, but in reality, disappointments can crush dreams and leave us feeling like we have nothing to live for.

This is where it is extremely important to know that our dreams are not us - they are our desires.

What we are here on earth for - it is beyond our dreams and we can achieve - the biggest privilege of being human is simply our ability to hope, and the ability to live a meaningful life.
We might not know why we are here on earth, but now that we are here, we get to go on this journey of immense experience for a period of time.

This journey doesn’t get better when we achieve our dreams, this journey is already a privilege. Live your life making the best of each day, and be happy, always.


Xandria Ooi, Happines VLOG
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